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About iLab Connect

iLabConnect is a Medical and Healthcare solution developed to properly manage the medical tests of a group of patients belonging to a particular organization or community in a region. This software provides ease of maintaining, organizing, and scheduling the various medical tests like Covid, Antibodies, Respiratory, etc. by the organization or community for its members. The application also has logins for Physicians and Laboratories.  

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Challenges Faced

    • In times of deadly diseases like COVID-19, it has become imperative for organizations to do regular medical health tests of the workforce. 

    • Any company with a large workforce needs a system to collectively manage all the reports and data of test results of its workforce. 

    • The main challenge was to bring all the associated user types, like Laboratory, Organization, Patient, Physician, etc, together on one platform and manage the data flow.
    • Patient consent for conducting medical tests is very important and the platform needed to provide a way to collect that.

    • Medical Laboratory staff needed a way to associate patients with test kits while collecting samples.

    • Patients needed a way to see their reports and physicians also needed a login to see the test results of patients of an organization.

The Solutions

  • iLabConnect is a one-stop Healthcare solution for ordering and managing medical tests for a group of people working at an organization or part of a community. This solution provides access to Laboratories, Organizations, Physicians, Patients, and the Admin team. 
  • Organization Admin can order a specific medical test for its employees on either an ad-hoc basis or reoccurring orders as well can be created. iLabConnect Admin team will assign the order to a specific Laboratory, which will then send the Test Kits with unique IDs, which can be allotted to patients. Nursing staff will review the test order list on a mobile application and take the consent of patients on the mobile app itself. Collected samples will be sent to the laboratories for testing and the organization admin/patients can review their results on the platform itself. Physicians can also review the test reports from their unique login. 
  • iLabConnect is a highly scalable solution all while maintaining the integrity of the medical records.

Major features line-up: 

  • Medical Test Order Management

  • Recurring Medical Tests

  • Instant Patient Consent

  • Prompt Medical Reporting

  • Scalable

  • Secure


  • Doing Systematic Medical Tests.

  • Proper Management or Test Reports.

  • CommonPlatform to manage the data of a group.

  • Easy access of reports to Physicians.

  • No Paperwork.

Project Info


Business Type iLab Connect


Client Jacqueline Threadgill


Time for Launch 1 year

And the Best Tools We Used for iLab Connect


Client's Words for the Development Team


We are happy with the services delivered to us by Dark Bears.

We were sceptical in the beginning if Dark Bears would be able to meet all the project requirements since this is a healthcare project. The project needed HL7 connections with our providers, and other compliances were needed to be met.

Dark Bears did a fantastic job, and we got our project on time and with quality. Thank you!


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