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About Scratch Meal

Scratch Culinary delivers around 10,000 meals to its customers in a week and manages all the order and delivery-related data with the help of Google Sheets and multiple other software. The Web Platform we developed for them is a highly scalable solution that has a radical effect on production and distribution. Because of its disruptive stance to untangle the entire process through an unconventional user experience and use of customer data, it has managed to improve the efficiency of its food supply business exponentially.

Major features line-up:

  1. Systematic Approach
  2. User-friendly Interface
  3. Graphical Subscription Meal Plan
  4. Add on Restriction/Exception/Instruction
  5. Multiple Address and Contact No.
  6. Enabled Security Code
  7. Automate Payment Process
  8. Serviceable Areas
  9. Auto Driver Allocation

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Challenges Faced

    • Food Supply Chain companies follow a long complex process in production, processing, and distribution.
    • The foremost challenge is related to the hefty amount of customer data, such as meal preferences, custom meal plans, medical restrictions, etc., which the Team manages manually.
    • The manual processing of huge amounts of data has made daily operations very slow and heavy, increasing the chances of data loss and redundancy.
    • Without the system, it is very difficult for customers to share their customized meal preferences on a daily basis.
    • Another challenge is related to the health issues of some customers, as some may have strict restrictions on sugar, salt, etc., or be allergic to an ingredient, which must be given high consideration while preparing meals for them.
    • Some organizations or companies provide daily meal facilities to their employees, which need to be delivered to different addresses. So, Meal Suppliers have to maintain the addresses and contact numbers of such employees under a common organization name.
    • Drivers may get delivery orders of the addresses on the same route but at different times, so it is very important to create concise routes with the same addresses on the same day.

The Solutions

  • The Scratch Culinary web platform is a breakthrough solution that streamlines different parts of the food supply chain process, giving businesses a competitive edge. It has digitized the whole process, from subscription plan selection to meal orders, timely delivery, and automized payments.
  • Our solution architects develop the solution to efficiently collect customer meal preferences by providing them with an easily navigating user interface. 
  • Companies or organizations ordering meals for their employees can effortlessly provide multiple contact details for delivery. Users can leverage the benefit of pausing the subscription if they are not available for some time in the city.
  • This solution has empowered the Scratch Culinary team by organizing their daily activities, especially drivers, as it provides the best concise routing plan for daily deliveries, saving both effort and time. ​


  • To build a Reliable System
  • Allow Various Subscription Plans for their customers
  • Provide Customized Meal preference options to their customers
  • Proper Order Management
  • Support Multiple Delivery Address management
  • Support Multiple Contact Numbers for different day deliveries
  • Simple and Easy Interface
  • Effective Routing

Project Info


Business Type Scratch Meal


Client Todd Freeman


Time for Launch 1 year 6 months

And the Best Tools We Used for Scratch Meal

Laravel PHP

Client's Words for the Development Team


The Dark Bears team went above and beyond to ensure our project's success. Their dedication and expertise are truly commendable. Highly recommended!

We needed complex software to manage our food orders and deliveries. They picked up the nuances of the project pretty quickly and were good at communication.

Outstanding service and exceptional quality!



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