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About UKey Smart

UKey Smart Solution brought a revolution in the Hospitality industry by embedding IoT and service automation for Digital Age Travelers. UKey has promoted the passion of smart travellers and enhanced the guest experience in hotels, rentals, and other accommodations. It overall optimized the hospitality experience and reduced the communication gap between hotels/rentals and customers. This included features such as keyless entry systems, smart room controls, and personalized service delivery through digital platforms.

Its unique set of features, data security, and user-friendly UI, topped by splendid execution, had made it a leader in the segment with authority. The platform had been designed to leverage end-users with handy controls following global standards and trends in the hospitality domain.

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Challenges Faced

    • Despite Booking the hotels online, travellers had to come to the reception to check in. The process was not automated to reduce the efforts of the visitors and hotel staff.
    • A lot of human intervention and effort was involved in the check-in process, such as managing the room vacancy, providing Keys to the visitors, booking concierge services, etc.
    • Travellers had to remember the booking details of all the hotels even when they were staying in different hotels in the same city and follow the whole process for check-ins/check-outs separately in all the hotels.
    • In spite of having a remote-controlled system in rooms, travellers had to use different remotes to control AC, TV, Curtains, Lights, etc., in the absence of the centralized system.
    • Managing the large customer base with integrated security was a significant consideration for hotels.
    • Providing a whole-sum user-friendly solution that can be easily integrated with the existing Hotel Management system.

The Solutions

UKey Smart primarily involved grouping three major service frameworks together: CRM, Service automation, and IoT. The ultimate objective was to deliver a seamless user experience for both the customer and the service provider. Additionally, it helped boost hotels' business performance by reducing manual efforts. UKey aimed to make the most tech-absorbed way to assure customer delight and provide opportunities to the hospitality business.

Major features line-up:

  • Fastest Ever Hotel Check-ins
  • Easy Booking Management
  • Manage Personal Information
  • Digital Room Key
  • Prompt Concierge Services
  • Smart Room Management
  • Centralized Booking Management
  • Real-Time Bill Tracking
  • Gather Guests Insights
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Enhance Guest Satisfaction
  • Boosts Service Revenue
  • Intuitive User Interface


  • Automated Easy Check-ins
  • Single App-Controlled Room
  • Keyless Access
  • Centralized Hotel Bookings
  • Online Concierge Services Booking
  • Reduce Manual Efforts

Project Info


Business Type UKey Smart


Client Davild Maleh


Time for Launch 2 years

And the Best Tools We Used for UKey Smart

PHP Python Laravel IoT Flask Nginx Server
MysqlAmazon RDS

Client's Words for the Development Team


I had an excellent experience working with Dark Bears.

The project was quite tricky considering the same app was supposed to work at multiple hotels. But their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality truly impressed me and they delivered a wonderful product.

The project was completed on time and exceeded my expectations. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone in need of IoT application development services.



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16192, Coastal Hwy. Lewes, Delaware 19958


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1st Floor 213 A, Lions Lane West, Panchyawala, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 302034

+91- 9649257257


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