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4 Ways AI Technologies Changing Our Everyday Life


Does the term artificial intelligence sound intimidating to you?

Well! Love it or hate it, (the majority loves it!), there is no escaping AI in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence is gradually penetrating our daily lives, whether or not you realize it.  Right from the fascinating world of online to the tangible offline, AI is finding in applications in plenty of things.

The sci-fi movies from a decade back are now a reality! How? Remember the self-driving cars, mobile phone calls and more? Well! If you take a close look around now, I’m sure you’ll find advertisements for such rococo devices and services around you.

So, if you’re still thinking that the robots from your favorite sci-fi movies are not coming, let me tell you that they are already here. Thanks to artificial intelligence developers!

Let’s take a look at how AI through various technologies is changing our lives for good-

Virtual Assistants

Let’s move closer to find examples of the devices you already have. Zeroing in on a smartphone, you must have heard the voice of your virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are responsible for 20% of interactions from your smartphone. Based on the phone you’re using, these virtual assistants have names such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Cortana.

These AI based assistants help you find all the information you want to look up on the internet or your phone. All you’ve to do is ask!

You can say, ‘Hey Siri! Set a reminder for 9 PM tomorrow’ and that’s all! The virtual assistant will make sure you are reminded of your task in time. Especially when you look up a restaurant or search for a piece of music, the virtual assistant is also smart enough to figure out options based on your past preferences. Amazing? Isn’t it!

Online purchase prediction

I’m sure you must have shopped online! Ever went back to your favourite online shopping site and found the products that you were looking for? Don’t worry! It’s not magic, it’s artificial intelligence!

The things that one thought of as magic are being manifested for real using AI. Popular eCommerce websites like Amazon are harnessing this power to its potential. And it’s leading to a new trend called eCommerce personalization. Not only is it becoming a great way to lure customers but also a wise idea to meet their needs.

And especially when more and more customers are shopping online these days, introducing AI applications is becoming a smart way to stay competitive.

As a customer, if you’ve searched for a t-shirt online, the shopping platform will display several results related to your t-shirt on the homepage when you check it out again. Not just this, but there are a lot of factors that go into consideration such what customers shop for, what they searched, etc. All this captures the customer’s affinity towards a particular product. Furthermore, it is giving you as a customer more choices and better comparison to select from.


Chatbots are one of the most useful things, both for customers and businesses. And especially now that they are powered with AI, there is nothing like it.

Inspired by facebook messenger, many famous companies around the world started creating their chat applications. Since they have the power to generate responses on their own, they were called chatbots, a smart version of chat-robots.

And now there are chatbots everywhere. Right from hotel bookings to know about products, services and more. We are constantly chatting, but there’s no human on the other side, just the AI.

Though understanding these bots are complicated, they are being trained to understand language and think like a human. In coming years, it won’t be incorrect to say that chatbots will become the future of business. We can already see more and more companies hire artificial intelligence developers.

Recommended Movies, Music and Web series

With the growing marketing and interest around web series, it is hard to miss it, especially in 2019. Talk about Netflix, Amazon Prime, Eros Now, ALT Balaji and more, all these platforms are the center of the user’s traction.

Apart from the mind-boggling content that is being produced in these platforms, another reason why people love it due to its recommendations. If you like a particular genre, it’ll suggest you with more shows and movies that you’ll love to watch.

Another excellent example of this is the music app Spotify. Just select the artist, genre or album you like to listen, and it’ll curate an entire playlist for you. And not just this, the app will suggest your music based on your mood, considering your listening history.

Pretty cool, isn’t it!

Even as we talk of artificial intelligence today, it seems like it has years to unfold. But as we track the nuances of our modern world, we can realize how it has already bloomed in our day to day lives. With this, the future is set to uncover more potential of AI, and as customers, we will continue to benefit from it.


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