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9 Things to factor into your IoT Solution Development


The Internet of Things (IoT) now needs no introduction. IoT is expected to make our homes, cities, and devices smarter and to lead the fourth Industrial Revolution. The dawn of Industry 4.0, a connected and more efficient manufacturing ecosystem, where machines communicate with each other seamlessly is credited to IoT. Intel projects that by 2020, we can expect an ecosystem of 200 billion connected devices. IoT is also expected to contribute an additional $10 to $15 trillion to wor...

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5 Ways IoT Technology Reshaping The Agriculture Industry


Decreasing agricultural land and depletion of the naturally available resources have arisen the need to enhance the farm yield. The limited availability of natural resources like fresh water and cultivated land essential for good harvesting has slowed down the yield of several staple crops. Apart from this, the decline of the agricultural workforce is a massive concern for the farming industry.

So, to reduce the need for manual labor, the adoption of internet connectivity sol...

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The Biggest Barriers to IoT Adoption


Very soon IoT will become a part of our lives that we take for granted. Even now, it is estimated that there are four connected devices per person. The IoT ecosystem is slated for growth. IDC claims that by 2020 the number of connected devices will be 30 billion, creating a revenue opportunity of $1.7 trillion.

Industries across the board like agriculture, supply chain, logistics, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance, health, travel and tourism, telecom, construction, eCommerc...

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How IoT is Redefining the Development Landscape


Every new technology introduced to the mainstream brings along new possibilities that stir change into the existing system to redefine and reinvent new trends.

And when it is about a disruptive technology like IoT, which is built and raised on most advanced concepts, designed to serve the most innovative possibilities, it has to be a gamechanger.

What’s on charts?

As per PWC “IoT is transforming the everyday ph...

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Internet Of Things: IoT Application Development for Redefining Home Automation


Just think of a world where every device in your house is connected and giving you all the right directions to lead a fluent life.  Right, form all the equipment’s such as lights, doors, water systems, thermostats etc are interconnected in such a way, that it allows you to control all the home management activities in a very seamless way.

For accomplishing all the activities, the one that is playing an important role is Internet Of Things (IoT) well, yes it links all of ...

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