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Offshore Software Development Rates by Country


Are you planning to outsource your software development project to an offshore software development company? If yes, then please read on. 

One of the reasons why individuals or companies outsource their projects to offshore companies is comparatively high development rates in their own countries. 

Thankfully, you can find a good offshore software development company with competitive rates. 

However, to know which country will best suit f...

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Top 5 mistakes, first time offshore hirers will make!


Offshoring mostly aims cost-cutting, but businesses that create real sustained value regularly outsource for far more strategic ends- to hire talent that they don’t have in-house, or to power capabilities, they do have.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that first time offshore hirers make, and probably you may prevent making one yourself.

Focusing on Cost-Cutting, Not the Talent and Value

Sometimes new outsourcing managers do not consider the i...

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Let’s Find out the Top 8 PHP Frameworks that will Rock in 2019


If we look at the top websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo etc, the common fact that comes out is that all of them are developed using PHP. Well, to state here almost, 84% of the websites use PHP for delivering an extravagant experience to its users.

Being an excellent server-side programming language, it handles the development of complicated apps and websites in just the right way.  Not only it covers all the developmental domains, but also insists on depositing...

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Top 10 On-Demand Mobile App Development Ideas That Helps Startups to Earn More Money


Internet usage has increased more than ten times in the last decade. The majority of the users access the same through their mobiles. The options are endless, with millions of apps available in the Apple and Google Play stores.


The first step is identifying the kind of application you want to invest in. The next is the budget. Startups must decide to spend on app developmen...

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