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Top 5 AI Applications of 2023


Have you ever thought about how these self-driving cars and robots work? Which technology do they use to build such excellent applications?

Well, the answer is –AI App development.

The functionality, usability, and popularity of AI-driven applications are soaring high. Whether it’s restaurants, shopping malls, healthcare, or logistics, AI has withheld its footsteps in almost all industries.

One of the best examples of artificial intelligence ...

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What’s the Embedded Systems AI Story?


Artificial Intelligence, or AI as we popularly know it, has stepped out of the science fiction movies and has become a part of our everyday lives. AI tech is now powering almost everything…from our smartphones to our retail and banking experiences. With the world becoming increasingly software-defined, and with the focus on highly intuitive and contextual experiences increasing, AI becomes a critical technology to adopt. And the software development world has been listening.


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4 Ways AI Technologies Changing Our Everyday Life


Does the term artificial intelligence sound intimidating to you?

Well! Love it or hate it, (the majority loves it!), there is no escaping AI in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence is gradually penetrating our daily lives, whether or not you realize it.  Right from the fascinating world of online to the tangible offline, AI is finding in applications in plenty of things.

The sci-fi movies from a decade back are now a reality! How? Remember the self-drivi...

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All that it Takes to Build a Chatbot


To begin with, a Chatbot is a computer program that simulates the effect of having a conversation with an actual human. Primarily, its task is to take in commands from the user and throw back the most relevant responses. Most of these chatbots are also given Avatars. These avatars pseudo-realistically interact with the users to give them information on a whole gamut of things. This can range from product recommendation to answer to healthcare or fitness question. One just has to th...

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Mobile Phones Integrated with Smart Artificial Intelligence Techniques


AI, the most discussed technology is slowly becoming a part of our daily chores. The more we tend to become up-to-date with the technology, more we realise and appreciate its presence.

As outlined by the Britannica encyclopedia, “Artificial intelligence is the ability of a digital computer or computer controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.”

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