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Top 10 On-Demand Mobile App Development Ideas That Helps Startups to Earn More Money


Internet usage has increased more than ten times in the last decade. The majority of the users access the same through their mobiles. The options are endless, with millions of apps available in the Apple and Google Play stores.


The first step is identifying the kind of application you want to invest in. The next is the budget. Startups must decide to spend on app development. The other factor is the time to market.

  • An average user spends approximately two and a half hours on an app.
  • Users spend more than 77% of their time in the top three trending apps.
  • The pandemic has led to a rise in the download of mobile apps.
  • The mobile app industry is set to rise in the coming year.
  • More than 100,000 apps launch in the app store every month

Based on the above findings, it is safely said that marketing a successful app requires careful planning and execution. The mobile app development market is set to grow in leaps and bounds. In this tough competition, startups have to find innovative ideas to market their ideas.

But, how to convert idea converts into a profitable venture?

Well, startups can hire mobile app development companies to bring their idea to reality. In that case, an app should address the issues or offer meaningful solutions to users.

Let’s look at the top 10 mobile app development ideas to earn money for startups to solve the dilemma.

a) Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality is the latest trend changing the way mobile apps work. They bring a new perspective to the way we can make a selection. It offers an immersive experience by integrating virtual reality with our actual surroundings.

A variety of applications use augmented reality in their apps. One of the best use cases of AR apps is in home décor. It provides a true representation of how our home will look.

b) Language Learning App

We have become global travelers. Whether for work or a vacation, we travel to many places. With English being a common language, it is good to know other languages. But it is not an easy task for everyone to go to class to learn a language. From basic alphabet to pronunciation, apps can help users understand the basics.

This is one of the fast-growing areas with heavy competition. Offering learning classes through interesting games and interactive modules makes it stand apart. By using on-demand app development services, making competitive apps is easy.

c) Dating App

The concept of online dating has caught up in recent times. There are apps for singles, separated users as well as divorced users. By targeting the user category, startups can monetize the trend.

By identifying the needs, startups can build custom apps. They can use custom mobile app development services to target the specific category.

d) Job-finding App

There is a huge gap between job seekers and job providers in the current scenario. On one side, we have employers looking for skilled labor. On the other side, the workforce is looking to connect with the right employer. Startups can develop an app that connects job seekers and employers by catering to their needs. They can hire mobile app developers to get the job done.

By analyzing the needs and necessities of the market, apps can solve basic issues. They can hire app development agencies to create apps that can target a specific market.

e) Fitness and Diet Trackers

The pandemic has given rise to a lot of health concerns. People are migrating towards a more holistic and healthy living. But a question in front of everybody is how to achieve the same? There are a lot of fitness apps that help users to get into a healthy lifestyle. By giving diet and fitness tips, startups can reach a wider market.

Apps for every specific health issue can attract more users. By using on-demand custom app development services, startups can create specific apps.

f) Food Recommendation App

With global cuisines available everywhere, ordering food is a huge task. Having an app that can provide recommendations is a huge relief. The option to provide reviews makes it extra easy.

Using the services of an on-demand app development company, they can create the best platform.

g) Video Conferencing App

Nowadays, businesses and institutions have taken up the remote way of work. A video conference app provides file sharing, uploading, and other features. It should provide seamless connectivity without loss of data and glitches. Custom app development companies can help startups offer the best features in a single app.

h) Logistics App

With demand for goods rising, businesses must always be ready to deliver. With a host of features like live tracking and partner benefits, apps provide many benefits. Adding easy-to-use features and simple UI allows apps to stand out from their competitors.

i) Online Tutoring App

In the age of online classes, finding expert tutors is a hassle every parent faces. By connecting the tutors to students, apps can function as a bridge. Understanding the needs of the students, apps can address their specific needs.

 j) Telemedicine app

 The medical field has undergone a huge transformation in recent times. The need for specific apps and services has led to rising demand for apps. By offering specialized services, apps can reach a wider audience.

Online consultation and telemedicine are the latest trends in the market. In addition, apps offering a variety of disciplines, from allopathy to homeopathy, are more popular.

These are some of the most popular ideas to help startups earn money. But, apart from these, there is a lot of scope for the growth of specialized apps like barcode scanners, grocery ordering, and many more functions. 

According to the research report of Statista, over 5 million apps are already available on the respective app platforms.


A forecast from Statista further finds that increasing app downloads will quickly lift the revenue from 462 billion $ in 2019 to 935 Billion $ in 2023.


You must find the appropriate app idea and define the overall budget. In that case, on-demand app development companies have the technical expertise and the plan. By hiring their services, startups can access a host of development services.

Wrapping up: 

As it is believed, a great product starts with a great idea. Startups have to identify and develop apps for the issues that are not only faced by the users but also provide solutions to them. The user interface has to be easy to navigate without losing content in any format. Coordinated colors and clear fonts attract users in a big way. 

App developers should consider the app’s usability as it should suit all age groups. The interface and the icons should be carefully placed to generate interest in the users’ minds. Positive reviews also help in the marketing of the app. By getting reviews from the users, the visibility of the app increases.

So, are you still looking to build a billion-dollar app that hits the market right?


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