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Internet Of Things: IoT Application Development for Redefining Home Automation


Just think of a world where every device in your house is connected and giving you all the right directions to lead a fluent life.  Right, form all the equipment’s such as lights, doors, water systems, thermostats etc are interconnected in such a way, that it allows you to control all the home management activities in a very seamless way.

For accomplishing all the activities, the one that is playing an important role is Internet Of Things (IoT) well, yes it links all of your devices via the Wi-fi and transmits all the information.

It has been stated that, till the year 2020, the automation market will reach around 21.5 US billion dollars while the annual growth is expected to raise up by 27% every year.

According to a report by Statista, till the end of the year 2018, it is forecasted that there will be around 45 million connected devices in the US and the average revenue is expected to reach around $500 in the foreseen times.

Well, the revenues earned in the niche are quite impressive and to mention here, we are still just on the surface of automation, there is still a lot more to come. The smart home solutions imply that all the automation related solutions can be interlinked with one another for managing and monitoring the household chores.

We can state here that the remote control and the communication between the different connected devices are the major components of smart and astutely developed smart home solution.

A Guide to Home Automation

So, if you are planning to process a smart home solution, you must be embedded with just the right mindset, that focuses straight at the purpose and the core ideation linked with your venture. While developing any of smart home solution, you must have the objectives clear such as whether you are looking forward to controlling the lighting systems or are you looking for some other general-purpose devices such as Alexa.

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Right from monitoring the thermostats till monitoring the entry and security monitoring systems, you can help your place to get converted into smart homes. The choice is completely yours that which option, you are looking forward to incorporating into your industry.

It can be either the features that aid in influencing the buyers or it can be the one that can help you to beat the existing competition prevailing in the market.

  •  Before you start processing for developing any smart home solution, make sure to decipher and analyze the actual requirements of your room and the ones that are required to be connected. Processing further, grasp all the working criteria’s that is linked with your home.

Comprehend the devices, that you look forward to controlling along with the different devices such as the key locking systems, lights, and other appliances. Identify the rooms to be controlled and the devices that fit in the best way to coordinate with all your requirements.

  •  In corresponding to the above devices, it becomes all the way more important to capture the required platform and the one that works in the right way for your network. Different hubs such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc are existing in the market for getting through the automation.
  • All you have to do is plug in the devices and be in touch with your network.

Different Hubs that can be used are:

Amazon Echo: A Cost-effective solution and the most dominant voice assistant existing in the market.

Google Home: It can be said as Google’s cross attack on Amazon’s Echo. It works great when it comes to assisting the automation solutions.

Control any:  It can be described as a reliable IoT automation platform that helps in defining all the required home and security automation solutions. It comes with the solution for managing smart building and energy management solutions.

Samsung SmartThings: Assists plentiful of smart home gadgets.

Latest Smart Home Automation Trends to keep an eye on Kitchen solution will get smarter

According to the reports, plenty of smart and automated kitchen appliances will reserve a place in the market. In the upcoming year 2019, we will witness an amazing shift in smart gadgets. Automated rice cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners etc have already gained an impeccable presence in the market and there are a lot more to come.

These smart kitchen gadgets are just connected with the hubs (as described above) for making cooking a simple task. Different wireless countertops are also transforming the cooking concepts and its sale is forecasted to amplify further.

Deliveries will get smarter

So, now you are not at all required to hold on your important work and keep waiting for the couriers to arrive. In recent times, two giant organization such as Walmart and Amazon, have announced smart in-home delivery solutions that will use smart key locks and with the aid of the secured camera, the delivery boys just can step into for delivering the couriers.

The process is completely secured and tracked from the remotely through the mobile app.

Will help in making health smarter

Right from setting the alarm clock in a smarter way to tracking the sleep quality, we have devices for all. Be it in the sphere of analyzing the fitness goals or smart divans, currently, smart technology is all set to improvise the overall health of user by leveraging it with biometric data.

Smart Surveillance

In the modern times, the homeowners are not getting conscious about their houses and are tracking it for all day long on a remote basis.

In order to combat with the crime, the ideation of controlling the home is becoming fierce day by day and thus the idea of providing security and protection to home is gaining an impressive friction.

Facts that hinders the Home Automation Implementation.

Major barriers that hinder the implementation of home automation are cost, security threats, and the existing technological fragmentation.

Due to the difference in devices proliferation, networks standards and in different appliance infrastructure linking and integrating the different appliances become difficult.

Existing connectivity problems that are being caused by distinct protocols, used in industry opens up the doors for Google and Apple, for developing sophisticated IoT solution to handle the interoperability issue existing among different devices.

At DarkBears, we will help you in getting just the right and innovative home automation solutions to make your life simple. By using the latest technologies, our team of IoT application development ensures to deliver all the justified and intelligent interconnection between different appliances for making the execution of smart solution very smarter.


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