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How to Build Good Quality Backlinks? 10 Proven Strategies.


Backlinks form one of the most important factors for SEO ranking. Having high-quality backlinks guarantees a better ranking when indexing on Google. However, it is not a one-time process; instead, it is a continuous cycle.

According to the latest insights:

Link building is one of the top two criteria to be considered in Google’s page ranking algorithm – Search Engine Land

Almost 36% of the businesses hire freelancers or marketing experts for link building efforts – Aira

46% of the marketers spend an average of $10,000 for link building process annually while 22% of them spend between $1000 and $2500 – Aira

Though there are many ways to build backlinks, the best comes from the organic way. In this way, it proves the credibility and the quality of the content. 

But can we accept backlinks from any site? The answer would be a NO. 

Choosing a credible site to post your article denotes the first backlinks process. Therefore, identifying the relevant sites to the content is very important.

The key point is understanding what Google wants to make your website more visible. There are many tried and tested backlinks strategies that help to build quality backlinks. Let us know the top 10 of them to make building backlinks easier.

Top Backlinks techniques to build good-quality backlinks.

1) High-Quality Content

Content has always driven traffic to a website. Quality content drives traffic to the website. But we have to be careful in choosing the right content format. Trying out different content formats brings a variety, thus attracting more traffic by choosing content that represents your organization and your brand. This is one of the long-time SEO strategies that show results.

2) Use Infographics

Infographics are one of the popular methods to drive traffic. Having well thought and engaging visuals capture the consumer’s interest in a big way. Infographics are not only useful for backlink building, but they also drive traffic. The advantage of infographics is that they are easy to share. You can even leverage SEO expert services to build and promote relevant infographics. If you think infographics are not relevant to you, you can use charts diagrams to put your point across.

3) Analyse Competitor Mentions

One key SEO strategy is to analyze the competitor. Analyzing competitor mentions can provide an insight into backlink building. Having mentioned in social media increases the backlinks. Mentions help to build brand value and recognition.

How we leverage the mention forms part of a detailed plan for building a sound SEO strategy.

4) Broken Link Building

  We always come across links to external sites that show errors or are broken. These types of links create an effective backlink strategy. When you notify the site owner about the broken link, you can offer to publish your content on the same page. In this way, the page backlinks to your site. This is also useful to the webmaster to remove obsolete pages. But there are chances that the webmaster may refuse to link your content.

The video below will help you find out how to build broken links effectively.

But it is important to keep in mind that your content should match the pre-existing content or should be relevant to it. In this way, you get excellent backlinks. To identify these links, you can hire an SEO company that will identify the one and works towards building your backlink. 

5) Unlinked Brand Mentions

 In the age of information explosion, it is common that we may have missed a Mention about ourselves. This is one huge source of backlinks. There are many tools that can help track your brand mentions and alert you to link the same. But it is also important to know if they add value to your website.

6) Guest Posting

Guest posting is also an effective way to link building. Posting relevant, well-written content on third-party sites provides good visibility. Posting on high-profile websites guarantees more exposure and new readers. Guest posting works in both ways. You build a relationship with the brand and its readers. The brands have access to high-quality content that drives traffic to their site.

Google also allows guest posting to its analytical site. The advantages of guest posting include:

  1. Build relationships with your clients
  2. Build relationships with other blog owners
  3. Expand your email list
  4. Get traffic for your site by linking your homepage

This is one of the best yet easy-to-go backlink techniques to build high-quality backlinks with good DA and PA.

Below are a few of the Google Search Queries that can help you find blogs accepting guest contributors:

  • Keyword + guest-posts
  • Keyword + submit an article
  • Keyword + want to write for us
  • Keyword + inurl: write-for-us
  • Keyword + contribute

7) Internal Link Building

Internal link building doesn’t have much of an impact on driving traffic. But it improves the flow of the website by offering a structured design.

8) Link Building through Interviews

Interviews have always guaranteed nice visibility among the audience. A well-structured interview with the right questions makes for a delightful read. When publishing the interview, you can link it to your website. This improves visibility and ranking, but it’s one of the best quality backlinks tips. It also helps to promote your brand.

The one advantage is the publisher also gets referral traffic to their website. One more method is getting referrals to get interviewed.

9) Link Gap Analysis 

Conducting a link gap analysis is a sure-fire way of finding sites that link to your competitors but not you. If the website has many sites linking to it, there is a chance that you might link to it. Enter the domains and use the tool to find the sites that link to your domain. Link Gap analysis uses authority score, matches, and referring domains. Multiple tools are available for the same. You can use any of the chosen tools to conduct a gap analysis.

We can enter up to 5 competitor sites and a domain level analysis will be useful for exactly finding out where we are lacking. This will also direct us to the sites where we can find relevant links to our site. You can also analyze using a specific URL but that is used rarely. Though it offers a much more exact analysis. Link Gap Analysis is not only for websites but also for specific pages.

10) Identify high-quality links

We have the option of linking our site with many others. But it depends on the quality of the links they can provide. Finding sites that provide high-quality links increases your chance of visibility. Choosing the right type of link helps your website to rank higher. Finding authoritative websites using Alexa rank helps in identifying the authoritative sites.

 A high-quality backlink from a relevant, authoritative website offers more visibility and is trusted by search engines and searchers alike. The backlink is strategically placed within the content rather than in the footer or header. Having a high-quality backlink is that if you are linked, there are remote chances of your competitor linking to the same.


These are some ways that can help build quality backlinks to your site. There are also secondary ways that help to build quality links. There are other ways like the skyscraper technique, reaching out to journalists, etc.

Though getting quality backlinks is a continuous task, careful research and due diligence are vital when selecting sites to backlinks.

Are you looking to build good quality backlink for your website?

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