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How to Choose the Right App Development Platform? – A Complete Guide for Start-Ups in 2021.


Well, beginning with any business is tough and in such a scenario, if we decide to take it mobile, the journey becomes all the way tougher.

While dealing with mobile app development, there are certain questions that are required to be clarified. The only way to make the things easy is to find out sound Mobile App Development Company, that will help you identify the right app developmental standards.

Now other than this, there are many more points that are to be considered. In this post, we have outlined the desired approaches that will help you to begin in the right app development direction.

In this post, we will aid you to get the answers to all the existing questions, and will highlight that which OS is best suitable for your start-up growth? iOS or Android.

But before we jump into its discussion about why we should exactly go mobile, either Android or iOS development.

Let’s initiate by having a look at the smartphones (both iPhone or Android) and the app market ecosystem by identifying the number of users, download ratio, revenues that are being generated and the retention numerology.

Android vs iOS? A brief comparison on the basis of

Annual downloads

These numbers clearly indicate that the smartphone industry has turned into a giant market and is forecast to grow in the coming time.

As we can see that, the number of downloads is forecasted to reach around 175 billion by the year 2020 means that the users’ ratio using the mobile app will gain tremendous acceleration.

In the present scenario, around 5.7 Billion users are using the smartphones, therefore in such an ecosystem it becomes really toil for the start-ups to select the appropriate OS whether iOS or Android for making their mobile presence worldwide.

Market Revenue

Revenue can be described as one of the major deciding factors when it comes to getting mobile. Be it iOS or Android, in both the cases it becomes imperative to calculate the revenue that can be generated by them for the start-up.

Now since entering into the mobile industry is new for any start-up, selecting the appropriate platform becomes very necessary.

In the mobile niche, iOS has embarked itself as the major revenue generator and Android is all set to catch the market on is Google Play Store.

Well, the competition between the two of them is really tough, however, the Android will take more of the time to come up to the level of App Store, when it comes to revenue generation.

User Retention

Well, when it comes to user retention, both the entrepreneur and start-up struggles in the same way. Maintaining the good retention rate is difficult in both the iOS and Android.

For acquiring an impressive retention rate, make sure that your app works best out of the thousands of existing apps. It should perform seamlessly and must proffer an unbeatable experience to the users.

Despite the experience you are delivering to your user base, the app uninstallation rate differs with the nature of the platform you are using. In this context, we can state Android users more loyal when compared with Apple users.

Now since we have gathered a brief about the market scenarios, user’s retention ratio, let’s find out the answer for our basic question: that which one you must consider for your start-up’s, Android or iOS.

Android vs iOS: Which Platform the Startups must select for getting their first app developed.

Precisely, the answer cannot be in a yes or no way, as there are plenty of factors that the start-ups must keep in mind.

So, let’s find out the factors, that the start-ups must consider before proceeding for their first mobile app (iOS or Android)

Find where your audience belong from?

To mention here, around 80% of the mobile app market across worldwide is dominated by Android but the major revenue generating nations such as USA, Australia, and other western nations are directly influenced by the Apple.

Now if your targeting some other nations or we would say the world itself, it is best to hold the hands of Android App Development.


In terms of fragmentation, Android can be sated as the clear winner in all the ways. Since Google is associated with plentiful devices and manufacturers, we can see its updates and apps running over all of them in a seamless manner.

So, if your start-up is looking to make users worldwide without facing any challenge on the ground of demographics, Android App Development is the best choice.

In contrast, if you are looking to embark your presence amongst the standardized set of users, iOS is the best choice to go with.

Know your users:

When it comes to different geographical borders, the selected app platform completely behaves in a different manner.

iOS are usually the ones that are with high earnings, are more sophisticated and educated, spend more time of apps and are into spending over the apps.

In contrast, Android users come under the age group of 25-50 and are pretty much conscious of spending money on the apps. The can be described as slow technology adopters and do not welcome updates or changes in an easy manner.

Design & Development

So, which one can be described as the right choice for the start-ups: Android or iOS.  Well, both take the same time when it comes to app designing and development.

In the case of Android, Google design can be used but dealing with Java becomes really toil when it comes to code in swift.

But in the case of design and development, the platform doesn’t play a major role. It is the mobile app development company, that takes into account the app building process. Both Android and iOS app require same time in building and indulge the same amount of efforts.

Release Cycles

In terms of release cycles, Android faces difficulty. Reason being, Android is partnered with different OEM devices and OS. Thus, releasing the updates becomes a headache in this case.

While with Apple, giving updates on the iPhones and iPads is very easy, since it is free from fragmentation.

So, these were the few factors, that one must consider while proceeding for app development. To mention again, there is no yes or no in the context of the platform that you must select: iOS or Android.

Therefore, we will be throwing some light on the different form of whens. Keep reading the post for finding the same.

So, what to choose and when to choose

The iOS firstly?

Well, if you are planning to launch an all-new iOS mobile app for your company, approach the right iPhone mobile app development company. Also, if you are looking for the devices with zero fragmentation, obviously you cannot ignore the benefits of iOS that it provides in the niche.

Just place your app on the Apple App Store if you wish to generate the revenues for your start-up.

The Android firstly?

Well, if you are not looking for serving some specific location, you can go with theAndroid App Development.

In case, your app is loaded with plentiful of customizable features and you are looking to serve your users on different platforms, building an Android app becomes a necessity for your business.

Both Android and iOS App Development?

So, still, if you have this question left answered: that which platform you must use, go into developing the app that runs for both iOS and Android.

Cross-platform app development is the best-suited case when your start-up is ready to reap out the benefits for both iOS and Android. But while selecting the niche, make sure you have enough time and budget to spend upon.

Now we have all question answered, but one still remains pending.

When your start-up can expand itself to another platform?

The time to make the move to another Platform?

Well, the answer is simple, when your app has gathered an impressive visibility over the existing platform.

If your app is earning nicely on one platform, expand it from the App Store to the Google Play Store and vice versa.

Thus, if your app is gaining on one, make it scalable and hopefully, you will be able to earn maximum out of it.

We believe this post had garnered you the help in the right direction. Now, you will be finalizing the platform you must choose for your start-up and in case there is some confusion let, we at DarkBears will help you to get through it as you have dreamed of.


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