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How To Create a Profitable Google Ads Campaign in Limited Budget?


Digital marketing tactics like Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Internet Marketing have become an integral part of almost all organizations’ marketing funnels. 

The core reason is the unparalleled benefits these approaches offer businesses. In addition to that, these approaches are far more cost-effective than traditional marketing approaches such as TV, Radio, hoardings, and banner advertising. When you hire a PPC agency or SEO agency and run a campaign, the total cost of the campaign will still be less than the TV advertisement slots that you purchase. 

Another reason why businesses prefer digital marketing is monitoring and measuring these campaigns. Digital marketing campaigns offer advanced insights to marketers about the campaign’s overall performance with accurate and precise data. You can amend your campaigns as per data received and make data-centric decisions. 

Paid campaigns are also popular nowadays due to the instant results they bring to the table. In addition, trendy search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and various social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow marketers to run paid campaigns on their platforms. 

Let’s check out some statistics about online paid campaigns before delving into it. 

  • As per the research conducted by Source, globally, companies spend $106.5 billion on paid campaigns.
  • You get $2 for every $1 you spend on paid campaigns, says research
  • Another report indicates that companies can increase their brand awareness by 80% with search ad campaigns. 
  • The same study also reveals that 65% of people who search for relevant keywords click on PPC ads. 
  • Another study shows that Google is the most trustworthy platform for search ad campaigns. 

So, undoubtedly, you should go for PPC ads. 

What if you have a limited budget to spend on a paid campaign? Can you still make it and reap the benefits? Well, the answer is yes. 

How much does Google Ads cost?

So you want to know whether you should run a Google paid campaign or not. 

How about trying statistics again? 

You should go for Google Ads to ensure that you maximize the benefits it has to offer. Google Ads has shown fabulous results to marketers when they want quick traffic on their websites in just no time. For example, if you run a Christmas offer on your products and target a local market, Google Ads can be more effective than SEO. 

Yes, suppose you don’t have an in-house digital marketing team. In that case, you need to hire a digital marketing company offering high-quality PPC services and have a team of experienced PPC professionals. 

How much does it cost to deal with a Google Ads (or PPC) agency?

You cannot answer this question directly. 

Various factors will determine the cost of outsourcing your PPC project. For example, if you hire a PPC agency in the USA, you might spend more than a PPC agency in India. 

Another factor is the amount you want to spend on Google Ads, also called monthly ad spend. Furthermore, how many campaigns you want to run also determines the cost. 

Other factors that might influence the cost of hiring an agency are competition, your location, the number of keywords you want to target, and others. 

Sometimes, it also depends on the agency you have hired. For example, some agencies charge a flat monthly fee for their PPC management services. Some charge a percentage of total ad spend. 

A rough estimate for a normal project is about $3,000 per month. However, if you have multiple campaigns or complex accounts, the amount might increase. 

However, if you are a startup or a company with budget constraints, you might not afford to spend such huge amounts for a long period. What are your options, then? Should you look for other advertising alternatives? 

The good part is you can go for an ad campaign with a limited budget. 

You need to say “Thank You” to Google. 

Google has designed its PPC ads so that anyone can run a campaign without worrying about the budget. 

Even if your competitors are spending massively on Google Ads, you can still beat them if you run an ad campaign smartly. 

That is why you need to read further. Then, we will discuss how to run a Google ad campaign with a limited budget. 

Stay tuned! 

How to run a Google Ad campaign with a limited budget?

1. Analyze the demand for your offerings

The first thing first! Ask yourself whether customers are searching for your ads on Google or not. If not, there is no point in bidding on Google Ads. 

Take all the keywords you want to bid for and verify whether customers search for these keywords or not. The search volume of each keyword will reveal the answer. 

You need to conduct thorough keyword research with a proper keyword research tool. Many highly effective keyword research tools are available in the market. If you have hired digital marketing services, it is not your headache. They will have in-house keyword research tools to conduct research. 

Just enter the phrase in the research tool. You will get everything you need to know about that particular keyword, such as keyword competency, search volume, similar phrases, and an average cost for the keyword if you want to advertise. 

You are in a good place now to decide whether you should run a paid ads campaign on Google or not. 

2. Set up a budget for the campaign

Once the keyword research is done and you are satisfied with the search volume, the next task is to set up a budget for your Google campaign. 

Now, you have to be realistic here. Ask yourself: how much you want to spend or how much you can afford to spend on a particular keyword. 

The good thing is once you set up a monthly budget, Google will divide the amount into a daily budget. So it will help to spend a whole month rather than a few days until you are burned out. 

For example, you have set up a monthly budget of $200. When you divide it by 30 days, your daily budget will come to $6.60. That is the amount you would be spending daily for your Google ad campaign. 

To determine your monthly budget, you can also conduct some industry research. For example, check out how much your competitors are spending. Also, you can check out an average bid for keywords you want to incorporate in your campaign. 

It will give you some idea about determining your budget for a campaign. 

3. Determine top keywords and check out whether you can afford such keywords 

Now, you have asked the digital marketing company you have hired to make a list of keywords. 

Congratulations! You have finally decided to go for a Google paid Ads campaign. 

Now, the next task is to finalize the best-performing keywords, let’s say, top keywords, and check whether you can afford to bid for these keywords or not. 

Many marketers forget this crucial thing and lose their money on an irrelevant keyword. You should not make this mistake. 

Calculate the Maximum Cost per Click (Max. CPC) and compare it with your company’s Max CPC to determine whether you can afford to advertise for these top keywords. 

For example, the expected CPC is $9 and your Max CPC is $11, you are good to go. You can bid for the keyword. 

The formula to calculate your Max CPC is:

Max CPC = (profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate)

4. Create a single keyword ad group 

Now, you are all clear about keywords you want to bid for and other things. 

The next thing you should do is develop a single keyword ad group. It is also known as a SKAG. 

The beauty of these SKAGs is that it takes one keyword that you find the most relevant and modify it with different match-types such as broad match, phrase match, and exact match. 

The main issue with multiple keywords is that you cannot incorporate all in your ad. That is why you need a single ad group with different phrases for a single keyword added to the ad. 

Another advantage of creating a SKAG is it improves your quality score. 

If you don’t know, Google determines the quality score of your ad by taking into consideration your ad relevancy, keyword relevancy, and landing page. 

Now, if you have incorporated 20 keywords in your ad, it will affect your ad’s quality score negatively. 

But, it is not the case when you have used a SKAG. 

You can improve your quality score significantly by using these SKAGs. 

5. Competitor analysis 

Competitor analysis will help you in many ways. 

The good thing is that you are not the pioneer in using Google AdWords in your industry. Someone has already done it, and you can leverage too much from their intelligence. 

They have done all. They have done keyword research, landing page optimization, and everything. 

Why spend time if you can have everything decorated on a plate? 

Many tools can help you to know what your competitors are doing. With such useful insights, you can make a great, never-failing Google paid Ads campaign for your business. 

6. Use negative keywords 

Even if you have decided on all the keywords you want to use in your Ads campaign, using negative keywords can be beneficial for your campaign. 

You want to make sure that your ad does not run-on irrelevant searches even if you have used similar words. 

For example, if your eCommerce store sells women’s rings, you don’t want your ad to appear when someone searches for “best women rings on Amazo.”. It does not make any sense. 

Ensure that your ad has negative keywords that you don’t want to appear when searched. 

7. Create a Powerful Selling Proposition 

What is your USP? 

Do you offer something that your competitors are not offering to your audience? 

Well, in this case, you should emphasize such features more, don’t you think? 

What is the point when you have a compelling reason for the audience to buy your products or services, and you don’t use them in your ad? 

When you add your USP in your ad, there are many benefits you can get. 

For example, you will get more traffic on your landing page from genuine leads who are want to know more about your offerings. Also, it will increase your conversion rate. Also, when you have a strong reason for a USP, the price will be the secondary thing for your audience. 

Identifying your core USP is very crucial for any business. You can identify your core strengths by either asking your customers about them or by analyzing the features and functionalities your competitors are offering for the products you are dealing with in your domain.

8. Come up with a catchy and compelling ad. 

Now the crucial part comes. 

The Google paid Ads campaign asks for money only when someone clicks on the ad. So your ad must be compelling enough to attract your target audience. Also, it should be able to keep irrelevant users away from clicking. 

An ad copy that serves these two purposes is the ideal ad copy. Also, when your ad performs well and has a high CTR, your ad’s quality score will increase. It will also decrease your cost per click. 

Hence, creating a great ad is the need of the hour. When you create your AdWords text ad, there are a total of four components. 


Description line 1

Description line 2

Display URL

Remember that the headline is the most vital part. Your prospect will read the headline first and will instantly decide whether to click on the ad or not. 

Adding your primary keywords in the headline is very crucial. Google will bold the text, and it will help you get more clicks on the ad. In addition, you can develop unique ideas for a headline to lure your prospects to click on the ad. For example, you can ask a question rather than add a simple line. 

9. Description Lines

Now you have to be very creative while writing the description lines. You have to add keywords, your USP and share your offer too. Also, add the call to action text in it. 

10. Display URL 

Adding your website URL in the display URL is not a good thing. Instead, add the landing page URL where you want your prospects to visit. It will improve the chances of more conversions. 

11. Optimize your landing page 

Yes, it is also a very crucial thing. 

Is your landing page fully optimized to offer an excellent user experience to your visitors? 

What are the use of spending too much money, effort, and time if your landing page does not offer the information your visitors are looking for in the first place? 

Ask the digital marketing company you have hired to optimize your website, including the landing page you want to target in your ad. 

12. Try ECPC Bidding 

There are many types of bidding styles available on Google Ads. You can choose any one of them for your campaign. 

Most PPC management services providers use typical bidding styles such as Maximize Conversions” or “Maximize Click.” 

Sometimes, such choices work, and sometimes, they might not. 

However, when you want to increase conversions and, in turn, sales, experts recommend going for ECPC, Enhanced Cost per Click. 

ECPC bidding is a type of bidding where Google uses advanced smart technologies such as Machine Learning technology and Automation to increase or decrease bids on a particular search. 

Google will bid for you after considering various parameters such as keywords, relevancy, competitors, and others. Then, they will bid higher or lower for you. 

So, the advantage you are getting here is that when the ad is the best match for the search query, Google will increase the bid. On the other hand, when it is not the best match, Google will decrease the bid. 

Likewise, you will save some money on irrelevant wasted clicks. Also, it will ensure that only genuine people click on the ad. It will improve your conversion rate and revenues. 

However, there is one consideration you need not miss here. 

Generally, Google takes one or two weeks to learn about your campaign and its optimization. 

Hence, the ECPC bidding is only relevant if you run for more than two weeks. Otherwise, ECPC is not the right bidding type for you for a small-time campaign. 


Running a PPC campaign does not require any effort. Anyone can do it. 

However, running a successful PPC campaign is a challenging thing. 

A Google Ads campaign can bring amazing results and excellent ROI when done smartly and thoughtfully. However, it is one of the costliest digital marketing approaches. 

Also, you need to hire a PPC agency that has years of experience and expertise in managing such PPC campaigns successfully. 

Though most marketers run away from Google Ads due to the potential risks of losing the budget, a paid campaign can bring good results in just no time when you do it in the right way.

Remember, no digital marketing approach can offer you guaranteed results. Instead, you have to use metrics to amend your strategy accordingly to see good outcomes. 

However, running a low-budget paid campaign on Google is possible, and if done rightly, you will see remarkable results. Ensure that the PPC management service sproviders are competent and are well-versed with various technical complexities and trends of Google AdWords. 


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