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Professionally Designed or Developed Websites are like Good Book


After a long working week, I am in real need of dumping myself in a book. Reading is one of my hobbies (most favorite one) I usually find myself an escape through a book from all the chaos going around. So planning for this week’s read, I was looking for something good. I don’t have many options; still, I do not want to choose anything which I will only read half. So my mind got into thinking, what makes a book really good one. And I came up with these facets, which makes a book, good book for me – Interesting title, A detailed table of content, Preface (this helps me to connect with the author), Tight plot, Awesome language so that the characters feel real and moving in front of you, and last but not the least greater level of impact on mind of reader.

Yes, this makes complete sense and now, it will be easy for me to pick up my next book.

As I was mulling over this question of what makes a book, good one in my mind, my thoughts at the back of my head were reflecting characteristics of what makes a website good website, maybe because for all our needs we turn to Google to find and full fill them. Also we spend so much time online that websites have become part of our daily routines and we have educated ourselves to differentiate between a good and a bad website.

Now let’s quickly sum-up the characteristics of a good website as well. Here are the essentials that every successful website and compelling book have common in them.

A Killer Headline

A headline is the first thing that catches your audiences’ attention. While crafting a compelling headline, ensure to use impactful font type, size, and style and color to make it stand out from the rest of the text. Your headline on the website tells a lot about your services, and products, making visitors to stick around. The headline is a key element, and it must be clear, concise and tempting that can persuade visitors to learn more about you and your services.

Likewise, a good book contains a compelling, gripping and interesting title and tells what the book is all about without reading anything else.

User-Friendly Navigation

Another quality of a successful website is that it should have simple navigation. Make certain to have navigation as easy as possible to enhance the usability of your website. It should be all hassle-free to visit your website and access the pages that have already been visited along with a simple to understand and easy to access navigation bar or menu. There should be consistency on each page of your website, and make sure that visitors need not hunt for the navigation bar, it should be clearly visible.

Just the same characteristic, I will search for in my favorite book – a detailed table of content that makes you access any page or topic quickly.

Introduction Page

It’s essential to have an ‘About Us’ page on your website that provides information about you, your team, your values, vision, mission, purpose and more – to build trust among your customers. It also creates a sense that they’re doing business with real people and helps ease any worries they might have.

A good book always has a ‘Preface’ – a preliminary statement in a book by the book’s author, setting forth its purpose and scope, expressing acknowledgment of assistance from others and more – all it helps connect readers emotionally with the book.

Unique, quality content
Unique, well-crafted and valuable content on your website can leave a great impression on your visitor’s mind, and it probably can help them with what exactly they’re looking for, and perhaps even give them a reason to keep coming back.

An interesting and beautiful language makes a book stand out among the thousands of other books. Books with a captivating story and memorable characters are hard to put down.

High Readability

Most people enjoy websites and books with a high level of readability. For great readability make sure to choose the standard font size and type, highly readable websites and books are fine-tuned and sophisticated.

Perfect Images

Many times images can help understand your services and products at a glance. You can enhance the user experience by using including pictures of every product you sell.

In a good book, author makes all the efforts to create characters that will be remembered long after the book is finished. The pictures are made in your mind through words and remains there for a long time.

On the other note – Responsive Design

Adding responsive design helps enhance users and e-readers experience. It accommodates a website or an eBook to any screen size and enables to automatically retract and expand according to the screen size of the computer, tablet, or mobile device being used.


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