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Software Trends that will dominate the coming decade


What is April month meant for? It considers the stock of the last few years and sets the new priorities for the upcoming year.  

According to the Statista reports, the software market will contribute more than 5 million dollars in 2021. Sound’s amazing isn’t it! 

Though the above stats are lucrative enough to enter your footsteps in the software development industry, at the same time, it confuses you with innumerable questions like: 

  • What software trends to adapt in 2021? 
  • Will it benefit you in the future? 
  • What are the different software development trends highly adapted in 2021? 
  • How will it benefit and shape the business? And so much more. 

Those who are facing similar questions, give a pause to this blog. This article focuses on what the software development world would look like a year ahead and what development trends and technology you should include in your bucket list. 

Despite how quickly the industry evolves and changes, we’ve also identified the most popular development technologies and domains where software development is highly in-demand.   

So, let’s jump in right now! 

Which are the most popular development technologies/ frameworks in 2021?

HackerRank – A virtual meeting place for developers has launched the developer skill survey. With 100,000 lakh programmers participated from around 165 countries, here is the opinion of the community: 

  • JavaScript is one of the most important languages in software development. Almost 50%-55% of the hiring managers lay more emphasis on this skill in developers followed by Python (49%) and Java (44%). 
  • Angular JS, React and Spring still tops the list of the top-level framework. Though Express JS and ASP are slowly losing their rank, a sudden rise has been noticed in Django and AI. 

Another important indicator that affects software development in the upcoming years is: which languages developers would like to learn further. This will give us a rough idea about the later technologies needed for the project development where managers can offer a higher salary. 

As per the HackerRank’s report, developers are showing interest in learning languages like Go, Kotlin, Python, and Frameworks like AngularJS, Django, and React. 

Top markets where software development is booming beyond 2020!

The COVID-19 pandemic leads to the distribution and emergence of software development trends into the niche market. Healthcare, e-commerce, technology, on-demand market, fintech, cybersecurity is a few of the domains or you can say markets that have witnessed a booming surge of software development in 2020 and beyond. 

Though it is quite evident that the pandemic is not going to bid adieu in 2021 too, there would be a strong need for the new software in these niches. Moreover, the online shopping and education system is at its peak and the trend is anticipated to continue forever.  


1. AI software 

Though AI has successfully made its place in the tech world, it is still growing since it is based on the foundation elements of multiple technologies globally. Developers anticipate AI to grow since more industries are getting inclined towards adopting AI softwarein their infrastructure. 

The driverless cars like Tesla running on our road, uploading human minds to achieve immortality, and autonomous weapons that can replace human armies are all governed by software development with AI and machine learning technology. 

2. Software Development Outsourcing 

In accordance with the Statista reports, the information technology market was able to earn nearly 67 billion US dollars in 2019. With the advent of new industries and technology, the software development outsourcing market will continue to rise its horizons in the coming days. The reason behind its gaining popularity is simple: It empowers the company with the latest tech solutions with reduced cost, greater flexibility, and higher efficiency. 

Though outsourcing software development is a lucrative option for companies with budget constraints, you should keep yourself aware of risks like IP theft, data privacy issues, collaboration issues, and more. 

3. PWA (progressive web apps) as a solution 

Though Native application development is the best choice for business, it often comes along with a higher price in terms of being bug-free. Though companies with a decent budget can afford native development. However, companies who cannot afford native applications are making their way with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that offer a good user experience at an affordable price model. 

PWA are web applications that are intended to work on any platform and use standard-compliant browsers including both desktop and mobile devices. It offers the same features like a native app in terms of speed, usability, security, and so on. 

4. Internet of things  

This intelligent connectivity of the physical devices is transforming our homes, offices, and cities more smartly. 

Today, people are moving towards IoT embedded software solutions in their homes and offices since they are productive, efficient, and cost-effective. Such IoT-enabled devices offer new opportunities for forecasting, customer analysis, and business planning. Many sectors are embracing IoT to automate, control, simplify and improve different processes. A few of the IoT powered application currently used are:  

  • Smart Home application 
  • Traffic Monitoring 
  • Fleet Management 
  • Wearable devices to track heartbeats, calorie intake, GPS, and more. 

5. Low Code programming application 

A fundamental shift has been noticed in how app development is taking place for enterprise app development. In order to enhance speed and agility in the business, top companies are moving towards a no-code or low-code paradigm. 

This low-code paradigm makes it easy for developers to drag and drop app components from the visual software environment. It eliminates the need to hire a skilled and experienced developer and thus makes it more accessible for developers to connect all the components to build a mobile app. 

6. DevOps 

With the main aim of constant delivery with high software quality, DevOps allows businesses to deliver value with faster solutions to the market needs. Its agile development methodology and lesser development cycle is the main reason for software development industries to capitalize in 2021. Typically, it’s a modern approach to deploy an application with rapid development and release cycles with high-end security processes. 

7. Microservice Architecture 

 Microservice architecture is an approach to build a larger software application into smaller chunks where each chunk is called microservice. This architecture allows each service to work and operate on its own without being dependent or coordinating with other services. This in turn allows services to be developed and deployed very quickly. It can be re-written and maintained effortlessly by the development team. 


Software development in 2021 will continue to move ahead in the coming years. However, there is no doubt that technology is constantly evolving to surprise us with new advancements and innovations. As per the developers prediction, technologies like AI, IoT, and machine learning will thrive and will continue to evolve. To reduce costs and expenses, enterprises are making shifts towards DevOps, PWA, and decode-free platforms. But above all, pandemic dominates all the trends in software development and also provides opportunities for growth to the much-needed niches like AI and software outsourcing. 


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