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Top 5 AI Applications of 2023


Have you ever thought about how these self-driving cars and robots work? Which technology do they use to build such excellent applications?

Well, the answer is –AI App development.

The functionality, usability, and popularity of AI-driven applications are soaring high. Whether it’s restaurants, shopping malls, healthcare, or logistics, AI has withheld its footsteps in almost all industries.

One of the best examples of artificial intelligence app sis -SIRI. This AI-powered virtual assistant is available on all significant Apple platforms like iPad OS, macOS, iOS, and WatchOS.

Alright, What’s next?

Another AI app that hardly needs an introduction is – Cortona (Microsoft-powered virtual assistant). It is available on all major Android platforms and popular headsets like HyperX CloudX, Logitech GSP350, etc.

AI-based apps combine machine learning and deep learning technology that uses vast data to make intelligent decisions.

Let’s look at some stats and figures to understand how AI has penetrated the global world.

According to Statista, revenue from the artificial intelligence (AI) software market worldwide will reach 126 billion dollars by 2025.

As per Gartner, 37% of organizations have implemented AI in some form. The percentage of enterprises employing AI grew 270% over the past four years.

According to Servion Global Solutions, by 2025, 95% of customer interactions will be powered by AI.

A recent 2020 report from Statista reveals that the global AI software market is expected to grow approximately 54% year-on-year and is expected to reach a forecast size of USD 22.6 billion.

This article will help you learn how these top AI-based applications are making a paradigm shift in 2022. Let’s find out.

What are the Applications of Artificial Intelligence?

Here’s the list of the top 5 artificial intelligence apps.

  • AI application in E-commerce
  • Personalized Shopping

Remember buying your favorite jeans through your app’s recommendation section?

This impeccable user journey is all due to an AI-powered recommendation engine. These recommendations are based on your search preference, interests, and browsing history. It helps in better customer engagement and thus boosts brand loyalty.

1. AI-powered Assistants

Virtual assistants and chatbots understand natural language and reply to the users who utilize the live chat option. This AI-powered application is used to make conversation as human as possible by having real-time engagement with your customers. 

Marketplaces like handle their customer service through chatbots.

2. Fraud Prevention

Fake reviews and credit card frauds are two of the major issues any e-commerce company would have ever dealt with. However, AI can help reduce credit card fraud and misfortunes by considering the overall usage pattern. In addition, since most customers believe in making a product purchase based on customer reviews, AI can help report and handle fake reviews.

3. AI application in Transport

AI has completely transformed the way the traveling industry works. However, the increasing competition must analyze all factors affecting the traveling sector. And this can include price, seasons, number of passengers, festivals, holidays, etc.

You might have noticed how flight prices often fluctuate on Google. And this can be due to – seasons, festivals, routes, halts, traveler numbers, and more. However, with the help of predictive analysis, AI tools, and AI application services, the software can predict the best price offered for specific routes. This, in turn, helps passengers to find cheaper and better traveling options. Furthermore, the AI-based app notifies passengers about the sudden rise and drop in prices and available options for ticket booking.

3. AI in Robotics

Robotics is another booming industry where artificial intelligence is commonly used. For example, AI-powered robots use real-time updates to sense obstacles and hurdles in the path to pre-plan their journey instantly.

AI-powered robots can be used for 

  1. Serving food in restaurants
  2. Carrying goods in warehouses, hospitals, and factories
  3. Inventory management
  4. Using robots as security guards

4. AI in healthcare

Today, most healthcare organizations rely on AI for their daily activities. Right from patient diagnosis to hospital data management, AI is everywhere. AI-based apps build sophisticated machinery to detect early diseases and identify dead cancer cells. 

Furthermore, AI-based devices can help to measure real-time data like blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeats, etc. It can also help analyze chronic health conditions with laboratory and other medical data to ensure quick and early diagnosis.

Artificial Intelligence finds diverse applications in the healthcare sector. AI applications are used in healthcare to build sophisticated machines that detect and identify life-threatening diseases like cancer cells. Artificial Intelligence can help to analyze chronic conditions in the lab and other medical data to ensure early diagnosis. AI combines historical data and medical intelligence to discover new drugs.

5. Application of AI in Lifestyle

I) Autonomous Vehicles

Independent manufacturing companies like Audi, Volvo, Tesla, and Toyota are already using machine learning to train their computers to think exactly like humans, especially in driving mode environments and detecting objects to avoid accidents.

II) Spam Filters

Why do some of our emails land in Spam or trash folders?

Because the email we use has AI sensors that filter out spam emails and send them to trash folders, letting us see and read-only filtered content, Gmail – one of the most popular email providers, has managed to reach a filtration capacity near 100%.

III) Facial Recognition

It feels so cool when we unlock our phones, laptops, PCs, and tables using facial recognition techniques, isn’t it?

These AI-powered face filters help us detect and identify our devices to provide secure access. Apart from personal usage, facial recognition is a widely used AI app in high security-related areas in several industries.

IV) Recommendation System

Be it platforms like websites, social media, entertainment, e-commerce, or video-sharing platforms like YouTube, these platforms use a recommendation system to feed users with custom recommended data and videos to enhance user engagement. This is one of the most used AI applications in almost all industries. You can even hire an AI developer if you’re looking to integrate such a system into your application.


AI is undoubtedly revolutionizing multiple industries by introducing its power-packed application that helps to solve complex problems. I hope the above list will help you understand AI’s importance and future for all sectors.

Did we miss out on anything important? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to share with them in the comments section below.


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