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Top Technology Trends and Their Growth Impact on Healthcare Advancement


The Healthcare service industry, as we know it today, was never this agile and sharp always. The sector is all changed with the way it operates and connects with people, with technology playing the major catalyst.

Last decade comparisons about the ‘digital health tech’ state that it has grown to replace traditional methods and practices almost by half. Worldwide!

Medical innovations are happening every time. You have disease diagnosis, surgical procedures, patient care, medication and monitoring going through revolutionary tech-upgrades, every minute ticking. The ideas of connected mobility and services automation are on the manifesto of all progressive Healthcare services.

No doubts, top industry players and Healthcare giants are ever expressive with their plans with exploring technology benefits. And the change is evident with services and people increasingly going by and adopting the tech-engrossed trends that have a leading impact on Healthcare growth and advancements.

The growth we are talking about here is breaking all the conventions. It is having a great impact and far-reaching implications on the way industry operates and the way we see healthcare opportunities – making way to the digital revolution that encompasses all the factors and facets of healthcare services and everything that falls in between.

This idea is well supported by the recent numbers about the growth of the digital healthcare market, revealed by the figures of growth recorded at US$ 179.6 Billion by the end of 2016 and is estimated to grow past the mark of US$ 536.6 Billion by the end of 2025 – which is nothing short to half a trillion industry!

Obvious reasons are the colossal growth of the mobile ecosystem with ever-growing smartphone users and improved connectivity across networks. Followed by the growth in the medical science and allied sectors. All of which is well facilitated by tech-optimized Healthcare processes and services.

So, what are these major differentiating factors and trends that are ruling the mHealth technology and trends today? Let’s find out!

Healthcare IoT (IoMT)

Internet of Things is by far the biggest stir-maker in the field of medical science and healthcare domain. With IoT enabled medical devices and connected equipment, practitioners and patients both can get the ability to access and track important health and fitness information in real-time with ease. It allows fast-paced diagnosis, health data tracking, and processing, handy access to bulky and complex hardware, better management of inventory, staff, and records and advanced patient monitoring. To which, most of the research papers read, “The market of IoMT devices will increase to US$ 409.9 Billion by the end of 2022, contributed by a 40% growth itself by the end of this year.”

Big Data Analytics

With the fast increasing world population and ever growing data logs, the biggest challenge medical establishments are facing these days is processing data and crunching numbers and extracting useful details to help them manage, function and perform optimally. Taking the much-needed charge of this, Big Data Analytics (along with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) is steadily transforming the way data is being used in nearly every department and facet of medical healthcare facility ranging from research and development, clinical studies, supplies management, to medical appraisals – leveraging the best of data intelligence in the healthcare purview.

Telemedicine Services

A recent study on the mobile health app market reveals that the market base for telemedicine services is growing at an exponential pace and is expected to reach a whooping market size of $40 Billion by 2021. This category of apps include services for getting help with finding doctors and services, booking an appointment, getting consulted and prescribed for medicines, get regular expert updates (on topics related to health and fitness, chronic illness, and medication), ordering medicines and getting diagnostic help online.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Smart wearables, health tracking apps and measuring devices are changing the game for medical professionals and patients. The advanced data capturing mechanism, vast server support, and seamless connectivity across networks have made remote patient monitoring a model offering. Through which the data recorded, read and referred from diagnostic results and medical practices are being combined with patient-generated data to monitor the case remotely. Nothing less than bliss for aging and chronic patients!

Cross-platform Coordination

You have health professionals, mobile app developers, and other technical experts progressively working towards facilitating integrated health programs. This is emerging as one of the leading trends in Healthcare technology advancements – bringing together different resources in a close-knitted tech-leveraging service framework. With these professionals making the most of coordinated workflows and cross-platform coordination led by abounding technologies.

Blockchain Technology and Cloud Solution

The trends are up for high-integrity solutions. The long- prevailing data vulnerability and security threats in the segment have been creating the need to have blockchain-driven data security and cloud storage solutions. More efforts are being made to decentralize and encrypt patient data and follow high-end security protocols to minimize the risk of any sort of data pilferage or tampering. At the same time, making sure that this level of security and protection allows authorized users to get better control over resources and have seamless experience accessing and using their information without falling prey of any data loss or theft.


With such leveraging technology ideas and app advancement trends finding an ever significant role to play in the Healthcare mainstream, the domain has its traits well in place to deal with the incessant change. And looking at the pattern it puts up with, you should see these soon turning into their functional prime and bring in more possibilities to get you the best of advanced Healthcare!

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